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A Standout Technology

Give Your Business An Edge With Yatri Super E –Rickshaws That Are Effective, Efficient, And Above All, A Blessing To Nature.

The eRickshaw

One of the most commonly found modes of transporting goods or ferrying passengers now comes with a technology that is superior, unparalleled, and user friendly. Presenting Yatri Super E-Rickshaws that have gained ground due to their swift ability to adapt to the requirement and unprecedented technology & innovation. And this is not it; be it on the road or off it, expect productivity of the highest level when they are by your side.

E Savari Super - e Savari Super

Ferrying passengers the e-rickshaw way comes easy, convenient, pocket-friendly, and of course, hassle-free when we talk of the E Savari E Rickshaw. Make way for one today and give yourself an e pass for the future.

E Savari LOADER - Stack Them Up!

Embrace a design that suits goods of all kinds. With features that make the E Savari LOADER a robust option, why not switch to it and make headway towards a more absolute alternative that is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

The eSavari Advantage

eSavari vehicles are super charged with technology.

Zero emissions, real time geo tracking and convenience.

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eSavari vehicles are driver friendly, comfortable to passengers, and have a long battery life.


eSavari vehicles are completely eco friendly and consume very less power.

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